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Thursday, 10 September 2009

All the Best !!

Sumtimes.. ppl do get hurt by small things like harsh words used by other ppl... ignorance in behaviour by ppl... even if they are unknown. They get hurt , they cry.. they think.. keep thinking... and waste precious time in such insignificant things. I think they forget that ppl judge you by your behaviour not by knowing what you are. And when you think, you judge yourself by your thoughts.. by what you know of yourself.

But in any given situation, any human being can behave in many number of ways. Now what matters is what the situation demands. If it fails the demand then it gives space for ppl to react in unusual ways and then it ends in ppl getting hurt. So it depends on how well you handle/act in situation. So instead of thinking on the reactions which came up due to failure in situation, try to think of how the situation got failed. Ppl who handles the situation well, wins the battle. But who don’t, they don’t have to be sad. Give yourself other chance. So Next Time, whatever may be the situation, you have to be ready for it. So… All the Best !!

Sachin Vs Devdas !!

There are always many ways to go forward in Life. It could be anything, choosing a career path, ditched in Love, failure in business, loss of person from our life...

Ppl always say he should have done it differently. If he did it other way then this situation would not have come... Things could have been different... But you'll find such comments on every ups & downs. Ppl have mouth to speak, let them speak... but if you have brain, try to think...

You can't go in past and change the things. Only thing you have in your hand is present.

Otherwise, Devdas would not be famous as Devdas !

Sachin Tendulkar would not become Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar !!

One who ruined the Life for the sake of his Love ...
One who Lived and still living Life.. for the sake of his Love !

Thursday, 19 March 2009



I was running... running very fast...eventually I took such a great speed that I wasn't on the ground... yes I was flying... I could jump from one mountain to other...

Now you'll say..
"O hello Abhishek ... wake up from Dreams.."

Well ya... you were right.. One should wake up from Dreams to achieve it in real life :D
But whatever I described just now, was actually one of my Dreams...

Few years later I get to see somewhat same stunts in the movie called "HULK".
"HULK" is a 2003 superhero film based on the fictional Marvel Comics character of the same name.

Though I never saw / read about the character before... I dreamt of somewhat same. So may be before me, someone else dreamt of the same thing and wrote comic on it ;)

So you never know... One day you'll see my flying :)

There are different approaches people do have about the Dreams they see,
One may see things and ask "Why?"
But there is another approach which is optimistic,
i.e. one can dream things that never were..
and say, "Why not?"

To accomplish great things, we must not only act,
but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
Dreams gives us the feeling of

"Yes! This thing can happen.."

"Yes! you can do it !!"

No one should negotiate their dreams.
Dreams must be free to flee and fly high.
No Government, No legislature has a right to limit your dreams.
You should never agree to surrender your dreams.
They can be anything one can't think of...

Dreaming is the best way to create the future.
It gives aim to one's life... brings meaning to his/ her life... guides yourself to your destiny.

There is a famous quote by James Dean,
an American motion picture actor which says...

“Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

“Dreams are like stars...you may never touch them,
but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.”

Some Dreams are such big that a single lifetime is not enough... it takes years to happen...

Today we are using many such things that we see from our childhood.. but many years ago... some or the others dreamt of those things to happen in real...

It's not necessary to complete all your dreams in your lifetime... one can try to reach towards their dreams throughout his/her lifetime...

So Keep Dreaming... one day you too will meet your destiny.
But for Dreaming... one need to have a sound sleep :D

Open the doors of your Dreamworld...

Good Night...

Sweet Dreams...

God bless You..

Take Care :)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

-{@ FRIENDS @}-

Few months ago, I read one small story.
It was about two friends.

Two friends were walking along the beach.
During some point of the journey,
they had an argument.
And one friend slapped the other friend in the face.
The friend got hurt and without saying anything,
he wrote in the sand,

"Today, my BEST Friend slaped me."

They walked further a mile.
They were walking on a rocky mountain.
While walking along a edge, the friend who got slapped earlier,
lost balance and was about to fall deep into valley...
The other friend grabbed his hand,
pulled him back and saved his life.
Then the friend who got slapped earlier wrote,

"Today, My Best Friend Saved my Life."

but this time, on the Rock.
The Friend who slapped & saved his Life asked him,
When I hurt you, you wrote it on Sand,
and now you wrote on Rock, why ?
The other Friend replied,

"When someone hurts us
we should write it down
in sand where winds of
forgiveness can erase it away.
But, when someone does
something good for us,
we must engrave it in stone
where no wind
can ever erase it."

From this small story,
I realised the importance of appreciation.
It takes a minute to find a special person,
an hour to appreciate them,
a day to love them,
but then an entire life to forget them.

Try to forget the bad memories... Try to remember good memories... :)

Life is Beautiful !

God Bless You.

Take Care :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Fear of Living Alone !!!

It was my First Day Alone @ home...

From childhood, I wanted to live alone at home.
But didn't get chance early. Better late than never... the golden day came...
After giving tooooo... many instructions,
finally mom left for the office around 9:00 am.
Dad already left for the office. So At last I was Alone @ home !!!

I was damn Excited. was very different feeling,
New Experience for me...
"Now what to do ???" the Question came to my mind. After 2-3 options, I decided to watch TV. So, I just switch on the TV and sat on the sofa... and started watching some movie on cable channel.

... and suddenly, it was a Blank Screen on TV.
I convinced myself by saying there might be some
cable-connection problem & will get fixed within few minutes.

n then again all of sudden I heard a Sound came from Bedroom...
That sound was sort of breaking of a glass.

Flood of thoughts came into my mind... about that sound ???

I again tried to convince myself but this time, it didn't work.

I waited there for sometime...
then leaving behind the Fear Factor,
I decided to go n look for the reason behind that sound...

I looked in Bedroom n from Hall itself...
My Detective Eyes were searching for some Evidence...

... then I found out that a Bulb in the passage joining two rooms, has fallen... Don't know How ???
I got little scared... n thinking....why was that happening with me on my 1st day Alone @ home ???

then Safely, I cleaned up scattered pieces of (40 watts) Bulb n came back in Hall sat on the sofa thinking ... what may be the reason ?

TV was on during this incident with Blank Screen on it...
...then in flash of seconds, TV started showing the movie which it was showing previously...
All things were happening like typical Horror movie... hehe...

Afterwards, I came to conclusion that at the top floor there was some renovation work ( hammering on walls) going on ... so due it's impact.. loosely fixed Bulb fell down !!!

Bottom Line:
From That Incident, I completely Lost The Fear of Living Alone!!
डर के आगे जीत है...

Monday, 16 March 2009

Have Patience...

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The dictionary meaning of the word 'Patience' is the state of endurance under difficult situations.

In Hebrew Bible, A patient man is better than a Warrior.

In Islam, God is with those who are patient, more specifically during suffering.

Lack of patience invites anger,
which results into hurting someone
and it could further result into loss of person,
breaking relations with close-ones.

For example,
Egg also takes some time to get hatched,
then only we can get chicken out of it :)

Being patient doesn't mean Do Nothing !!
It's like changing tactics, try to find other solutions. :)

There are people who say,
"I'm helpless!"
"What can i do ?"
"I am what I am!"
these people fall into the category of Egoistic people.

The great Mahatma Gandhi had said, "If you want to see the change in the world, be the one."
There are many ways to be patient. Like, Try to figure out why you are in hurry.
Pin point what makes you loose patience. Remind yourself that things take time.
Remember what matters the most.

Magic band: This is one of the simpler but effective way to be patient. I came to know about this solution from one seminar I attended last year. Magic Band is very simple thing, it's easily available in market and it's cheap too. Let's not stretch it further or else it'll break :D It's nothing but a Rubber Band. Wear it on your wrist. And whenever you feel like loosing patience, just pull it and leave it. It'll remind you to be patient. Just try it !
Now one can say it's easier said than done. Yes I do agree but at least you can give it a try.

Patience is bitter but its fruit is Sweet.
For every minute you are angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness !!

"Patience with others is Love.
Patience with self is Hope.
Patience with God is Faith."

Thank you for patiently reading this post :)

God Bless You.

Take Care :)

~ ~ ~ Balance ~ ~ ~


Nowadays, striking a right balance in life has become need of an hour. That balance could be in work & family life, hectic routine & health , in maintaining good relations with our close ones, it could be bank. balance as well ;)

First of all, maintaining a good balance reminds me of a performers at a circus walking over a rope with a long stick in hand or sometimes without it.

We can relate ourselves to that performer. As we are living a life it's like we are walking over the rope of Life. You can't revert back. One should be move ahead with it. Whether you have support of stick or not you have to keep moving. There is quote in 'मराठी' language "जो थांबला तो संपला..." means the one who stops moving, will die.

So Friends, Keep moving...

God Bless You.

Take Care :)