नमस्कार !

Yo !!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

All the Best !!

Sumtimes.. ppl do get hurt by small things like harsh words used by other ppl... ignorance in behaviour by ppl... even if they are unknown. They get hurt , they cry.. they think.. keep thinking... and waste precious time in such insignificant things. I think they forget that ppl judge you by your behaviour not by knowing what you are. And when you think, you judge yourself by your thoughts.. by what you know of yourself.

But in any given situation, any human being can behave in many number of ways. Now what matters is what the situation demands. If it fails the demand then it gives space for ppl to react in unusual ways and then it ends in ppl getting hurt. So it depends on how well you handle/act in situation. So instead of thinking on the reactions which came up due to failure in situation, try to think of how the situation got failed. Ppl who handles the situation well, wins the battle. But who don’t, they don’t have to be sad. Give yourself other chance. So Next Time, whatever may be the situation, you have to be ready for it. So… All the Best !!